Sophie Wilsdon- Clarinet 


Sophie is a clarinettist, pianist and singer who hugely values the classical world as well as balkan, folk, and jazz ensembles. Her main drive for playing music is to express and help channel emotion, whether that be pain or joy. Sophie's current projects include TroykaCalico Jack, The Glitzy Bag Hags and she plays principal clarinet in Bristol Symphony Orchestra and Insight Ensemble.

Sophie decided from a young age not to pursue music as a career, choosing instead to work in social work, and specifically in the drug and alcohol sector. This has led her to explore ways of bringing music more into recovery work, and has co-founded the Rising Voices Recovery Choir, and Stepladder Drama group ( 

Dream gig would include: Arun Ghosh and Yazz Ahmed playing music co-written by Gorecki and Bjork.


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